M.P. Kelly Plumbing
M.P. Kelly Plumbing has been Oshkosh's trusted plumbing company since 1899, remaining in business for over 100 years by providing our customers exceptional services and quality materials.

Client Testimonials

From New York to California


M.P. Kelly Inc. has been taking care of all the plumbing needs at my house, in my office and at all of my rentals for years. They do such a good job and I trust them so much - they have a spare key to all of my places.
— Dr. Brad Hunter - Northside Chiropractic Center

My husband and I have used M.P. Kelly Inc for all of our plumbing needs for over 15 years. They are fast, efficient and always friendly. They even did two complete bathroom remodels - we just love these guys
— Kate Erick

I have worked with M.P. Kelly Plumbing not only for my place of employment, but also in my home. They are highly qualified and have always gone beyond my expectations - from installing new sinks, water heaters and sump pumps. They are always clean and respectful of your property. Every employee interaction has been more than pleasant - they are a great group of people.
— Jamie Kasarsky - Lakeside Animal Hospital

I have used M.P. Kelly for years, but it wasn’t until I opened my own business that I really appreciated how fantastic they are. Mike is always there for me - he is wonderful to work with. I recommend them to everyone!
— Chanda Anderson - Caramel Crisp & Cafe